Are You Deficient in Vitamin D? I am!

Have you been taking a vitamin D supplement over the winter?If not, you may be deficient, as it has probably been a while since your body saw the sun! I recently had my vitamin D levels checked and found out my levels were unsurprisingly “insufficient” (most people are this time of year). Although I takeContinue reading “Are You Deficient in Vitamin D? I am!”

Does Wear and Tear Always Mean Pain??

Have you ever had an X-ray or scan only to be told you have “Wear and Tear” or “Arthritis”? Or even a “disc bulge”?
These things can sound scary BUT it may mean absolutely nothing! Find out why.

Can You Be TOO Flexible?

We’re often told that keeping limber and flexible will keep our bodies in tip-top shape! If only things were that simple, as sometimes our joints can be a little too flexible and cause us problems. 
Use this quick check to find out if you might be hypermobile.

Does Your Bra Fit Well?

Fancy getting some new lingerie for Valentine’s day? Or is your underwear draw just due for an upgrade?

As a Chiropractor, I’d advise you make sure your bras fit well! Badly fitting bras will not provide adequate support and will put extra strain through our spines meaning they could be the reason for your back or neck pain.