4 Ways To Make A Healthy New Habit Stick

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Make ONE easy, positive change in 2020 to avoid the inevitable new year boom or bust

Woman Slicing Gourd

We’ve all fallen foul of “boom and bust” at some point. In the past, January’s come around and we’ve taken the “new year, new you” slogan to heart. So we’ve pushed ourselves, such as an extreme diet or gym routine, which we inevitably give up after we miss a day or cave and eat something “forbidden”. Especially in the new year, I see plenty of patients who set themselves HUGE goals and then end up feeling sheepish when they’ve overdone it, either through injury, exhaustion or lack of motivation.

But the answer is not simply to avoid setting resolutions, it’s to set small, easy, enjoyable goals so they are achievable and long lasting.

First, picture a healthier version of yourself. What do they look like? What do they feel like?

As roughly 70% of our day is made up of habits, what you do every day can put you on the path to being that person. So let’s try and create or change a habit to get there.

But what habit or goal should we choose? Identify one part of that person that your new habit will work towards, for instance: increased energy, happier, fitter, etc.

But for Your New Habit To Stick, Follow These 4 Tips :

1. Get Some Enjoyment!

To be able do your habit long-term, it can’t be something you hate. There’s no point starting to go to a spin class if you hate spinning. You have to get some enjoyment out of it, whether it’s a nice new pair of running leggings or using tasty spices to flavour the vegan curry you’re making.

2. It Must Be Easy

If you were to rate your new habit out of 10, with 10/10 being the easiest, if it’s lower than a 7 chances are you’re setting yourself up for failure.

3. Create a Good Environment

Create an environment that is supportive. Keep nuts and seeds in you desk draw rather than biscuits. When you’re feeling tired, stressed or lacking in motivation it’s natural to crave higher calorie foods, so make it harder for yourself. Leave your gym kit by the door. I’ve even heard of people sleeping in their yoga clothes so they can spring out of bed in the morning!

4. Be Kind To Yourself

Don’t punish yourself into success, be compassionate to yourself. Studies show the kinder you are, the more likely you are to succeed. You’re less likely to procrastinate, more likely to have positive mental well-being and more likely to stick to your health goals.

So go into it with the mindset of kindness. You shouldn’t want to exercise to lose weight because you hate your body, you should exercise to get fitter, feel happier and have more energy.

The other part of being kind to yourself is to forgive yourself when you fail. If you miss that gym session, examine why it happened to stop it from happening again, but don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re tired, listen to your body instead of pushing through, take a break and get some fresh air.

Hopefully, with those 4 tips, you’ll be able to but good habits into practise and end 2020 feeling healthier.

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