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Get Back to Feeling Great

Katie Scorer, Chiropractor and owner of Symmetry Chiropractic, works to help the people of Nottingham and the surrounding areas live full lives by maximising the way their bodies move and function.

Symmetry Chiropractic offers personalised and first class care that focuses on your needs and goals. Through chiropractic care, Katie helps you reach your full potential to enjoy the important things in life. In order to treat you holistically, appointments are not rushed, giving you the time you deserve.

Katie works from two locations in Nottinghamshire, West Bridgford and Southwell so you can pick whichever is most convenient.

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Having been suffering with restricted movement in my left arm, I went to see Dr Katie. She has been brilliant in giving me back my movement in my arm. I am very happy with my outcome and would recommend her to anyone with a similar problem to me.


Large hands cupping smaller hands

Katie was recommended to me by a rider at the yard where I kept my horse. Riders often need help with injuries or problems caused by working around horses and doing yard work so I was happy to go to her, knowing she would understand any horse-related problems I might have. However, my initial issue was a ‘frozen shoulder’. My GP diagnosed it and sent me for 2 physio sessions on the NHS, when 8 are really needed. I was experiencing a lot of pain and could barely move my elbow away from my ribs. The pain was keeping me awake at night and was a lot of pain during the day, even though I had to continue with yard work and looking after my horse. After 4 sessions, the pain had dropped by about 80% and I could then sleep better. I am back to about 80% function after 8 or so sessions. This is 1 year after the injury which caused it, and the GP advised me it would take 2 years. I wasn’t having that! Katie is always professional and it’s a pleasure to see her for help. Definitely recommend this practice. I even got a free pilates session, which was great fun and really helps my back. 5 stars from me!!