About Katie

Katie Scorer Chiropractor

Katharine Scorer, Doctor of Chiropractic* (MChiro), graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropracticwith merit and has further studied acupuncture, Rock Tape and the care of pregnant women and children.

She has a particular interest in Sports Chiropractic and has been the Chiropractor for the professional Championship Rugby Union Team, Nottingham Rugby.

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My family (virtually all of them!) have been visiting chiropractors for years and from a young age I saw how much it helped my Mum with her lower back pain, my Uncle to keep on playing cricket and my elderly Grandparents stay independent – chiropractors are very versatile!

After seeing how much of a positive effect our chiropractor had on all of our lives, I applied to study at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic down in sunny Bournemouth.  After 5 years of hard work I graduated with Merit and an award from the Royal College of Chiropractors for my Masters’ dissertation and returned to my home county of Nottinghamshire.

Eventually, I made the move to work for myself so I can provide my patients with the top-notch service they deserve. I love Nottingham as a city and went to school for a decade in Southwell so it was an easy decision as to where I should set up as a Chiropractor!

When I’m not in clinic, I enjoy spending quality time with my American husband, Osiris and son, Orion. I also enjoy visiting the beautiful local countryside and making time for my friends and family”

*The title doctor is a courtesy title, not to be confused with a general medical qualification.