10 things you’re doing that could be giving you back pain

Aches and pains are often causing by little things that build up tension, and irritation in your body. If you’re doing any of these, it’s time to change it up.

1. Keeping your wallet in your back pocket

Siting for extended periods on your wallet can tilt your pelvis or even trap the sciatic nerve.


2. Sleeping on your stomach

Front sleepers tend to overarch their backs when getting some shut-eye. This jams up their lower back joints which if held for long periods can irritate them.


3. Not bending from the hips

Lifting badly puts A LOT more force throughout our spinal tissues. If done repetitively or lifting too much in one go can injure your back.

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4. Bad shoes

Wearing heels too much or shoes without any support (such as ballet flats) transfers a lot of pressure from the feet, up the legs and into the spine.


5. Sitting for longer than 30 minutes

30 minutes is the golden time when the tissues in your back start to suffer under the load. Make sure to stand up and move around this often, even if just for a few seconds.


6. High stress levels

Long periods of stress cause our bodies to be chemically irritable and can cause inflammation in the joints, muscles and nerves in our spine.


7. Not enough exercise

Exercising keeps your body generally strong and flexible and your improves circulation. This raises your pain threshold.


8. You don’t have a great diet

A bad diet can lead to poor circulation to the spine. This means the nutrients can’t get there as easily and waste can’t be removed which can lead to irritation of the tissues and inflammation.


9. Heavy handbag

Carrying a heavy handbag on one side for long periods of time puts unequal weight through your back. This adds up!


10. Your mattress is old

Mattresses have an expiration date. Most need replacing after 8-10 years (sometimes sooner!) otherwise you risk not supporting your body well through those 8 hours of slumber.


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Katie Scorer

Doctor of Chiropractic

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