Large hands cupping smaller hands


Katie was recommended to me by a rider at the yard where I kept my horse. Riders often need help with injuries or problems caused by working around horses and doing yard work so I was happy to go to her, knowing she would understand any horse-related problems I might have. However, my initial issue was a ‘frozen shoulder’. My GP diagnosed it and sent me for 2 physio sessions on the NHS, when 8 are really needed. I was experiencing a lot of pain and could barely move my elbow away from my ribs. The pain was keeping me awake at night and was a lot of pain during the day, even though I had to continue with yard work and looking after my horse. After 4 sessions, the pain had dropped by about 80% and I could then sleep better. I am back to about 80% function after 8 or so sessions. This is 1 year after the injury which caused it, and the GP advised me it would take 2 years. I wasn’t having that! Katie is always professional and it’s a pleasure to see her for help. Definitely recommend this practice. I even got a free pilates session, which was great fun and really helps my back. 5 stars from me!!