Five Festive Tips to Avoid an Emergency Christmas Visit to the Chiropractor

The countdown to Christmas has begun! We’re now all looking forward to the big day, whether we’re spending it with friends, family or a quiet day in watching the television.

I am going to be closed between Christmas and the New Year so you should avoid getting into any predicaments. Be sure to schedule your new year appointment to start the year off well, but in the meantime, have a read of my five festive tips so you won’t need an emergency appointment before then.

1. Shop Well

If you’re not online shopping this year, the weight of all those bags could cause you problems. Avoid walking at a slow, dawdling pace and carry your shopping in both hands, as not to pull the body to one side, engaging your core at the same time. If the weight gets too much, if possible, nip back to the car to unload.

2. Wrap your presents with better posture

Don’t spend hours crouching on the floor, place your presents on a table. That way you’ll avoid being bent over for too long. Do remember to take regular breaks as well!

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3. Eat well and keep hydrated

Christmas is the time for indulgence. But indulgence doesn’t always have to be unhealthy! There are some traditional Christmas foods that provide heaps of nutrition for our bodies.

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A baked salmon contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which help keep your brain, joints and heart healthy. I’m also a recent convert to Brussel sprouts, although roasted not boiled and seasoned well. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe if you’ve never tried them this way.

You’ll also want to keep hydrated, why not switch the alcohol for some tasty non-alcoholic options, such as non-alcoholic beer from brew dog or this alcohol free gin.

4. Don’t sit in front of the TV or in the car too long

As told in my last blog, we know that sitting for too long is bad for us. This doesn’t just apply to the office, but our personal lives too.

Keep that metabolism boosted (it will help you burn off those mince pies!) and those joints from getting strained by moving as much as you can. Go for a Boxing day walk, get up every advert break. and make sure that you take regular breaks on long car journeys.

5. Relax!

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I know that Christmas isn’t always the most relaxing of periods for some, but hopefully, you’ll find a way to gets some R&R. If you’re lucky enough to have some time off work, make the most of it by ensuring you’re getting a good night sleep and maybe even doing some of the things you enjoy but never have the time for. And most importantly – avoid perfectionism! Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect, live in the moment and try not to worry if the pigs in blankets got a little burnt or your uncle feigned a smile at your present.

Whatever you’re doing, have a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Katie Scorer

Chiropractor & Owner of Symmetry Chiropractic

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